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About Us

Our Mission: To serve as a lifeline for animals facing euthanasia. Shelters and rescues across Quebec and Ontario can contact us to access our network of reputable partner organizations. We facilitate connections to find suitable placement for at-risk animals, alleviating the burden on individual rescues. When possible, we also assist with transport. Our district-based system ensures efficient communication and seamless animal transfers.

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Our Programs

At Lifeline Connect Rescue Bridge, we are dedicated to saving and improving the lives of animals through advocacy, education, rescue, and rehabilitation.

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Strengthening Our Voice

At Lifeline Connect Rescue Bridge, we are passionate about advocating for rescued animals and supporting the shelters and rescues that dedicate themselves to this work. We understand the critical role these organizations play in saving lives and finding animals their forever homes. Our goal is to connect these organizations with the resources they need to continue their lifesaving work.

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Helping Those in Need

Lifeline Connect Rescue Bridge is your go-to source for animal rescue and placement services. We prioritize animal welfare and ensure every animal receives the care they deserve. Our dedicated rescue partners work tirelessly to provide safe and happy homes for neglected and abandoned animals. Join us in making a difference by supporting Lifeline Connect Rescue Bridge today.

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Saving Lives

Welcome to Lifeline Connect Rescue Bridge, where we strive to be an essential link in the chain of animal rescue. By relieving the burden on animal care facilities, foster homes, and shelters, we aim to facilitate seamless rescue operations across the country. Our bridge operation not only streamlines the placement process but also supports the network of dedicated individuals and organizations working tirelessly to give animals a second chance. Join our mission to ensure that every animal in need finds a safe and loving home.

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