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Shelters & Rescues: Partner with Us to Expand Your Reach

Lifeline Connect: Rescue Bridge is dedicated to bridging the gap between shelters and rescues, ensuring that no animal is euthanized due to lack of space, resources, or the right placement.

For Shelters:

Are you struggling to place animals with specific needs? Contact us! We connect you with rescues equipped to handle various cases, from medical needs to specific breeds.

  • Expand Your Reach: Access a network of rescues specializing in different animal needs.

  • Save Time: We handle the initial assessments and matching, allowing your team to focus on care.

  • Reduce Euthanasia: Provide a lifeline for animals who might otherwise face difficult outcomes.

  • Collaborative Community: Join a network of organizations dedicated to making a difference.

For Rescues:

Looking for specific types of animals to rescue? We can help!

  • Access More Animals: Find animals that perfectly fit your rescue's specialization and available space.

  • Streamlined Process: Receive information on well-matched animals directly, saving you valuable time.

  • Network Expansion: Connect with shelters and other rescues who share your passion.

  • Maximize Your Impact: Increase your rescue's lifesaving reach by finding the perfect animals to help.

Safe & Approved Network Our network consists of carefully vetted rescues, ensuring responsible placements and giving shelters peace of mind.

Ready to Partner?

  • Shelters: Contact us with details about animals needing specialized placement.

  • Rescues: Learn more and join our network by completing our rescue application.

Reach us at:

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