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Rescue Application Form: Lifeline Connect: Rescue Bridge 

Important Note: Lifeline Connect: Rescue Bridge is committed to building a network of dedicated and responsible rescues. The information you provide in this application will be used to evaluate your organization's suitability for our network. Please provide accurate and complete information. All references will be contacted.


Our Mission: To create a lifeline for animals facing euthanasia by building a collaborative network between shelters and rescues across Quebec and Ontario. Our district-based system ensures efficient communication and seamless animal transfers.


Completed Forms: Please submit via email to


Basic Information

  • Organization Name:

  • Primary Contact Name:

  • Title:

  • Email:

  • Phone:

  • Website:

  • Social Media (links):

  • Charitable Registration Number (if applicable):


Focus and Capacity

  • Species Focus (select all that apply):

    • Dogs

    • Cats

    • Small animals (rabbits, guinea pigs, etc.)

    • Other (please specify):

  • Breed Specializations (if any):

  • Average Number of Animals Placed Annually:

  • Can you accept animals with the following needs? (select all that apply)

    • Medical (treatable conditions)

    • Medical (chronic or ongoing care)

    • Behavioral (rehabilitation required)

    • Senior

    • Other (please specify):


Veterinary Care Access

  • Do you have a primary veterinarian for your rescue animals?

    • If yes:

      • Clinic Name:

      • Vet Name:

      • Phone Number:

      • Length of Partnership:

    • If no: Please describe how you ensure the animals in your care receive necessary veterinary treatment.

  • Do you receive any discounted rates or have a special arrangement with your veterinarian? (optional)



Please provide contact information (name, title, email, phone) for TWO references:

  • Reference 1: (Ideally from another rescue or shelter)

  • Reference 2: (Ideally a veterinarian)


Additional Information

  • Briefly describe your adoption process:

  • Briefly describe your foster program (if applicable):

  • Is there anything else you'd like us to know about your rescue?


Terms of Agreement

By joining the Lifeline Connect: Rescue Bridge network, I agree to:

  • Provide accurate information about my rescue organization.

  • Prioritize the well-being of animals in my care.

  • Communicate promptly and professionally with Lifeline Connect: Rescue Bridge representatives and shelter partners.

  • Uphold high standards of animal welfare in all aspects of my rescue operation.

  • Comply with Lifeline Connect's transport protocols and guidelines (if applicable).

  • Maintain open and transparent communication regarding the status and needs of animals in my care.

Signature: _____________________

Date: ________________________

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